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Minecraft Server Rental


Posted January 21, 2013 by

Minecraft Server Rental

If you’re ready to play minecraft online, but really want a server of your own to call home, you will need to find a server rental company to make this dream a reality.  Finding a Minecraft server rental can seem like a complicated process, and it’s hard to find good information to get you started.  It’s more commonly known as hosting, but the idea is the same.  For a small monthly fee you can buy / rent a minecraft server of your own.  For as little as $3-$5 a month you can have a server that will allow you and several friends to join.  Of course if you want a bigger group of friends to play, you can rent a larger minecraft server to meet your needs.

How do I pick a Minecraft Server Rental Provider?

Most of these minecraft server rental (or hosting) companies will be able to get you up and running in minuets.  Each company will have it’s own set of features and freebies.  For example some include a free website, and chat server so you can talk with your friends while you play.   It’s best to do your homework to make sure you choose a company that meets your needs.

We recommend that you take a look at several of our minecraft hosting reviews to learn more about the features and options for each hosting company.  Our site helps you compare each so you have all the knowledge you need to make the best choice.  You can even check out user reviews and learn from others.

It’s also best to pick one that has servers close to your geographic location.  While you can play from anywhere in the world, for the best and most lag free experience, choose a company that hosts closest to you.  For example Tree Puncher Hosting has servers located in the US (Arizona, California and Texas) as well as Germany and the UK.




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